We are Individually Responsible

  • It is our personal structure, which defines causally the preferences for our choices. The choice itself is random and thus not caused by any previous event. Thus we as structure are primary cause for our decisions and resulting actions.

  • Responsibility means feedback of praise or blame to the causing structure.

  • Despite our random freedom of choice we are individually responsible for our choices and actions, which are influenced by our personal structure. This responsibility is induced by by we as structure being the primary cause and is thus unavoidable.

In the process of making a free choice, our personality, coded in the structure of us and to a large degree in our brain, defines the probabilities for the different options, while the final choice has a random aspect due to the molecular level being involved. Since the brain and the choice occur on structural level, this is a causal interrelation as seen considering the different levels of how we describe reality. Since randomness is involved, there is no other cause for the choice. All particles in the universe may contribute to determine the outcome of our individual choice, but this is not a causal relation, even in a deterministic world view. Thus we as structure are primary cause for our choices and the resulting consequences.

This causal interrelation also establishes our direct responsibility for our choices and resulting actions. Responsibility can be understood such that any positive or negative feedback as praise or blame induced by our choices, which for example are or are not socially acceptable, have to feed back to our structure such that the next time, we have to choose in a similar situation, the probability for the acceptable choice is increased. Thus these feedbacks have to feed back to our individual structure. Responsibility is thus an interrelation realized on a level even above structures, namely the societal level.

Since responsibility is simply induced by our personality coded in our structure being the primary cause for our choices, this responsibility can very fundamentally not be avoided. Our responsibility is especially not dependent on our awareness or knowledge about all consequences that our choices may induce. Legally, lack of knowing the consequences may reduce punishment, but the fundamental responsibility is unavoidable.